Discover TecFlo's journey through four remarkable decades.
Witness TecFlo's humble beginnings and four-decade journey driven by quality, heritage, innovation and value. Our story is a testament to our progress, all aimed at serving you better.

Navigating four decades:
​​​​​​​TecFlo's global journey

Four Decades
43 Countries
10 Million Products
TecFlo was founded by Geoff Wood, back in 1986. With a great product, a career's worth of industry knowledge, and a business idea
The introduction of the Ecoflo into the TecFlo product portfolio
Global sales began to increase and TecFlo started supplying equipment to Canada, Italy, and France, with growth came new premises in Manchester.
Introduction of the Keg coupler to the product portfolio
TecFlo start to supply into Dubai and was granted the Patent on the MK2 double vertical Coupler in 2014 This revolutionised the coupler preventing the kinking of the pipe on the gas inlet
Development of the TecFlo's collett fitting begins to replace the standard John Guest fitting after 2 years of development these were launched in 2020
After years of building the TecFlo product portfolio from the introduction of taps and bar light transformers to coolers, the SmartFob was launched
Emma Stewart, Geoff’s daughter assumes the role of managing director. To date, there have been 4.5m EcoFlo and 2.5m taps sold and supplied to over 43 countries worldwide.
TecFlo are launching an e-commerce platform for the new year.